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Spiritual Growth Services

Get ready!!! Starting Sunday, September 30th through Wednesday, October 3, we will be having some exciting services for adults and children!

You won’t want to miss out on our special services for adults and kids. These services are designed to help you and your family grow in your relationship with Jesus. Each service will be packed with incredible music and preaching.

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VBS Pre-Registration! Have you registered??

Have you registered your kids, neighbors, nieces, nephews, grand-kids, best friends little brother?? Well you can register them now from the comfort of your couch! Go to our VBS Pre-Registration link to get your kids connected for the best week of the summer at Hagerstown Church of the Nazarene! All children who are entering kindergarten through those who just completed 6th grade are invited. We will have lots of fun games, songs, crafts, Bible stories, skits and of course snacks. You don’t want to miss out!

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Pastor Steve’s July Message Series: The Apostle Paul: Bold Messenger of Jesus

In this series of messages we are taking an up-close look at Paul who was one of the greatest missionaries that has ever lived.   Through his life we are learning together how we can boldly follow Jesus in these confusing times when human brokenness and division seems to be so rampant.

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image We understand that visiting a new church can seem intimidating:
What should I wear?
Where do I park?
Where do my kids go?

We want you to feel completely comfortable when you visit. Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us and ask. We are so glad that you've decided to visit, and we hope that God blesses you during your time at Hagerstown Church of the Nazarene.
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